Alterna Aviation Expands Mid-Life and End-Of-Life Expertise with Acquisition of Seven Aircraft

Alterna Aviation announced today the closing of a portfolio of seven narrowbody commercial aircraft. This acquisition expands on the seven-aircraft portfolio that was acquired in August 2014. Deutsche Bank will provide debt financing for the portfolio. Alterna Aviation now manages 23 commercial aircraft with a combined total value of over $425 million.

Under the Alterna Aviation umbrella, Alterna has invested in multiple portfolios of commercial aircraft. Alterna Aviation seeks to acquire mid-life and end-of-life commercial aircraft with 1-5 years remaining on lease and manages the redelivery and re-lease, part-out, or sale of the aircraft and engines. Alterna Aviation leases both narrowbody and widebody aircraft to 15 operators across 13 countries.

Alterna Aviation currently owns the following aircraft:

  • 5x 737-800
  • 5x 757-200
  • 4x A320-200
  • 3x A319-100
  • 3x 767-300ER
  • 2x 747-400
  • A330-300
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